Small Group Classes

Joining a group exercise class is another way of making exercise part of our weekly routine where your instructor and class mates can help keep you accountable.

Participants of my group classes benefit from working in a fun and supportive group environment whilst receiving individual assistance with posture and technique.

Traditionally women have been wary of strength training for fear of becoming too muscly. The good news is, biologically it is very difficult for a woman to build big bulging muscles. However, by gaining a little extra muscle mass your basal metabolic rate increases ie. the amount of energy required by the body just to function before we move.

The classes predominantly focus on strength and conditioning with a little HIIT (high intensity exercises) incorporated. There are many benefits to strength training including:

  • Stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Stronger bones (increased bone density)
  • Improved joint stability
  • Improved body composition ie. more muscle and less fat
  • Improved neuromuscular connections
  • Improved posture

The classes use a number of exercises to work all the major muscle groups. We use a range of equipment in class eg. Kettlebells, dumbbells, an air assault bike, step and medicine balls.

Exercises vary from week to week and there are adaptions available for each exercise to enable participants to work within their own fitness/ strength ability.

Strong & Lean Fitness Classes

“Emma’s classes are perfect for a short, sharp energy boost and body blast. I always come away feeling energised and achy – in a good way. Her calm, fun and supportive style makes you feel safe but also pushes you just a little bit more than you thought you were able. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” Rebecca

Let exercise be your stress reliever not food.