Post-Natal 1:1 Fitness Training

Let Post-Natal Fitness Training help you. Weight gain during pregnancy is a natural occurrence as our hormones send signals to the body to store additional fat in preparation for breast feeding once the baby is born. (A breast-feeding mother can require up to an additional 650 calories a day).

Many women are understandably very keen to regain their pre-baby figure as quickly as possible after birth. This process takes time as your body has performed an incredible task – growing and delivering a baby. The core and the pelvic floor in particular are put under a lot of stress during pregnancy and birth so it is important to strengthen these areas before undertaking more vigorous exercise.

Changes in hormones after birth can have an impact on mood and post-natal depression is more common than most people realise. Exercise is such a wonderful way of releasing feel good hormones to help lift the mood.

In sessions we will focus on strengthening the core and pelvic floor as well as gentle strength work for the other major muscle groups to make sure the foundation is strong before returning to more intense exercise.

Benefits Of Post Natal Fitness Training

As well as improving your strength and mood, other benefits you will experience from the exercise sessions include:

  • Doing the right exercises to help reduce the gap between the split rectus abdominis tummy muscles
  • A reduction in anxiety
  • An increase in energy
  • Improved posture

Post-natal 1:1 fitness training is suitable for all women with a range of fitness levels post the 6-8 week health check or 12 weeks after caesarean section delivery.

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“I saw Emma for post-natal personal training sessions after both my children were born. Each time we did exercises that were focused on strengthening the muscles that had been weakened by carrying two large babies, gradually progressing to more challenging moves. Being a mother herself, Emma understands the mental and physical challenges associated with post birth recovery and not only is an excellent trainer, but is also someone on hand to offer kind words of support and advice. I would highly recommend Emma.” Olivia

What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up.

Post-Natal Fitness Training