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Are you a busy woman balancing work and home life? Are you often left without any energy or time to fit in a workout, even if you knew what to do?

I can offer you a complete fitness plan to stay healthy, strong, improving your energy levels and general wellbeing.

Fitter. Stronger. Healthier. Happier. For busy women who want to stay fit healthy and strong through pregnancy, the menopause and beyond.

After pregnancy and then through the peri and post menopause women can experience unwelcome hormonal changes that can sap our energy and confidence, making us feel tired and unhappy. On top of this, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise regime can become harder with family and work.

The problem is that many of us have lost our regular routine of doing exercise, or perhaps our old ways of exercising might not be working for us. In addition we can feel overwhelmed and look for reasons not to exercise.

At Cambridge Urban Fitness, I believe that no-one should be so busy looking after other people that they are unable to look after themselves, and that staying fit and healthy is one of the most important things we can do to thrive in life and be present for our families. Staying active shouldn’t be complicated and is something that everyone can do no matter how demanding their home or work commitments may be.

I work with women to give them a complete fitness plan and specialise in working with women after pregnancy, through mid-life and in the peri and post menopause. I will help you cut through the noise and give you the workouts you need so that you can feel at your best with more energy, improved sleep, improved concentration and better mood.

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