1:1 Personal Training

Emma helps client by motivating and encouraging them to push themselves to work as hard as they can to meet their goals. After conducting an initial consultation to gain an understanding of the individual’s current fitness level, diet and lifestyle they work together to achieve goals which may include:

  • An increase in cardiovascular fitness
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Weight loss and toning up
  • An increase in strength

Emma will help achieve your goals with a variety of exercises including bodyweight, free weights, resistance bands, swiss ball and kettle bells all of which improve strength, fitness and increase your basal metabolic rate. To improve cardiovascular fitness, sessions will include walking/ running, stepping, skipping and boxing (depending on what individuals enjoy the most).

For weight management, advice on healthy eating will be offered in addition to cardiovascular and strength training.


“Emma makes it so easy to work hard, she is so friendly and passionate about exercise, and she makes me feel completely relaxed. Since I started training with her I am stronger, more flexible and far less stressed. I can’t get enough of the sessions!” Emma W

“I started training with Emma 10 months ago because I had low energy and thought it would help with stress. I had worked with a PT a few years ago and saw results but had been worreid about managing sessions around my current job – particularly as I already had low energy. Emma quickly makes you feel comfortable, building your confidence, and always challenging you appropriately. What I appreciate most is her felxibility to adapt workouts with how you are feeling on the day – making you feel like something is always possible. This goes beyond customising your workouts to fit your goals, but she takes into account your personal wellbeing. She is encouraging without being a drill master, gives good health advice and is always full of enthusiasm. With her support and guidance, I fel that my goals are achievable.”  Claire

1:1 Personal Training

One of the greatest moments in life is realising that two weeks ago your body couldn’t do what it just did.