Pre Natal Fitness Training

Let Pre Natal Fitness Training help you. Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for some women and for others it can be an incredibly challenging time. Not only do some women feel very ill physically, they also experience anxiety and low mood as a result of the changes in hormones.

I design Pre Natal Fitness Training Programmes depending on your fitness levels before pregnancy and how you are feeling physically at the point you start training. Intensity is adjusted weekly depending on how you are feeling. I design programmes to challenge you whilst also being mindful that your body is working very hard to grow a baby. Personally, I do not believe this is a time for clients to push themselves to extremes. Ultimately programmes and exercises are adjusted and regressed to fit in with your changing body shape and energy levels throughout pregnancy whilst maintaining your strength and fitness so that you go into childbirth feeling like a warrior!

Benefits Of Pre Natal Fitness Training

Unless you have been advised by your doctor not to exercise, movement during pregnancy is beneficial for many reasons including;

  • Physically: it keeps the body fit and strong, ultimately preparing it for birth.
  • Emotionally: the change in hormone levels during pregnancy may affect the chemicals in your brain, which in turn can cause anxiety. Exercising will help to produce some feel good hormones which ease feelings of anxiety and improve mood. Some women also struggle with the change in their body shape. Exercising will positively impact how you perceive your body as well as burning fat and keeping muscles strong.
  • Baby: recent research shows that exercising during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester has heart benefits for the foetus including a lower heart rate (a sign of good health).

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“I cannot recommend Emma enough. I was dertermined to keep fit and healthy during my pregnancy but wasn’t quite sure about what I should and shouldn’t be doing so decided to seek help from a professional. Emma was exactly what I was looking for! From the start she put me at ease with her approachable and friendly nature. I started seeing Emma when I was four months pregnant and saw her pretty much weekly until I gave birth. Each session was tailored to my individual needs and adapted as my pregnancy progressed to accomodate my change in body shape. I honestly beleive that my recovery post birth has been as a result of working with Emma and I am a stronger Mum for it. I actually enjoy working out now and seeing the improvements to both my physical and mental well-being.” Cinzia 

What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up.

Pre Natal Fitness Training from Cambridge Urban Fitness.